Café Account Card

Add Funds to Your Card

Click ‘Reload’ and select “AMDA Café Account Card”

The AMDA Café provides a Café Account program to students to have money designated for use in the AMDA Café and Market in a safe and convenient format.

Beginning Summer Semester 2020, the AMDA Café has changed to a new student account system that is more compatible with online ordering. Returning students who have an AMDA Café Storecard on their mobile devices will still be able to use their account number on their Storecard and the funds on their Storecard have been moved into our new system. Funds will no longer be added using the Storecard Manager site, funds should be added by going to the AMDA Café Online Ordering Page  and selecting “AMDA Café Account Card” to add funds. Funds can also be added in the Café at any register.

Incoming students starting Summer 2020 or later will have a Café account with their AMDA student ID number as their identifier. Students and parents can add funds to the Café account by going to the AMDA Café Online Ordering Page  and selecting “AMDA Café Account Card”. Financial aid funds designated for the AMDA Café will also be added to this account.

To use the AMDA Café account, a student will only have to show their AMDA ID in the Café or Market. To use the AMDA Café account when ordering online, select “Gift Card” as the payment method and enter your Account number (either your Storecard number for returning students or Student ID number for new students). After your first purchase, the account number will be saved in your profile, so you won’t need to enter it every time. 

Note: Financial aid credit may be applied to a student’s Café Card by a request form submitted through the AMDA Student Accounts office. AMDA Café account funds can be refunded to a student (less a $25 Administrative Fee) after a written request is received. Please use the contact email below for information about Café Account Refunds.

Questions about the AMDA Café account?  Email and we will respond quickly.