Café Account Card

Add Funds to Your Account

Click ‘Reload’ and select “AMDA Café Account”

The AMDA Café offers a Café Account for students to have money designated for use in the AMDA Café and Market in a safe and convenient format.

AMDA students will have a Café Account using their AMDA student ID number as their identifier. AMDA Flexible Food Plan funds will be added to this account automatically. Students and parents can independently add funds to the Café account online by going to the AMDA Café Online Ordering Page and selecting “AMDA Café Account”. Financial aid funds designated for the AMDA Café will also be added to this account.

Once funds have been added to an AMDA Café account, a student will only have to show their AMDA ID in the Café or Market to use it. To use your AMDA Café account when ordering online:

  1. Log on to and select “Order Online”
  2. Select “New User? Register”. Create a user profile with your name, AMDA email address, phone number and your own unique password.
  3. Make selections for an order and select “Gift Card” as the payment method. Enter your Account number (Student ID number) as the gift card number.

 After your first purchase, the account number will be saved in your profile, so you won’t need to enter it every time. 

Note: Financial aid credit may be applied to a student’s Café Card by a request form submitted through the AMDA Student Accounts office. Financial Aid and Flexible Food Plan funds added to the AMDA Café Account may be withdrawn before the 8th week of the Semester by contacting AMDA Financial Services at (323) 603-5972. Funds added independently may be refunded by contacting There is a $25.00 administration fee for refunding Café account funds. 

Questions about the AMDA Café account?  Email and we will respond quickly.